The Law And Order Of The World Is Down The Drain

Though this might sound like hypothetical and contrasting to the views of several well established academics but legal bodies are not being stable. With gay rights being legalised in America, it will not be long time before the rights are being legalised in several other parts of countries.

But this might give a complete opposite view to the laws of various religions making law unstable by itself. Several psychologists have studied the rule of law. It is said that the citizens who follow the laws and when the country implements strong and steady laws, then the citizens are found to be happier with the country. For example, citizens of Japan are happier and feel happy with the rule of the law in their country. This in turn is making them, all strong and more nationalistic.

Most of the law is governed by the workers compensation lawyers Campbelltown but mostly these are not harder and they do need evidence and stuff. These are material stuff and would not create any kind of emotional influence in the person. This is the reason why civil cases are found to be easy and has many branches and are more sought after.

But there is a huge but relatively small section of law relating to criminal activities and behaviour. You might think it is not big deal but the fact that they are harder and taken more serious. You could find people getting worked up over this because it might be considered as emotionally significant. It should be also seen that these cases get more media coverage but irrespective of those many criminals are let free. Visit this page if you want to know more about compensation lawyers.

Basically, law sees everyone as innocent until they are proven guilty. Basically any kind of crime has two phases to convict a person. They are known as Actus Rea and Mens Rea. Actus rea is concerned with the act of commuting crime. It is the act if getting caught red handed or prove that the convicted person is the one responsible for the crime. Mens rea is the intention and other r theories al proof of proving that the person had committed crime.

For example, in a rape case, the person can be convinced. The Actus rea can be derived from getting the culprits in the action of rape whereas the mens rea should be proved by the lawyer of the victim beyond reason of doubt. Sometimes, the either of the two will be proved but that is not enough. Both the components of crime should be proved by the opponent lawyer.

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