Prepping For Your Law Finals

Prepping for finals really is really not much fun. Everyone has heard the advice, work a little each day and you won’t need to stress out at the last minute. Everyone also knows that the chances of this happening are slim to none. However, we have put together some suggestions on getting a better handle on studying for your law finals.

Early prep

Yes starting exam prep early will help. Ideally start a minimum of three months ahead of time. This gives you plenty of time to ensure that you have all your notes and that you have ample time to learn, study and prepare for exams. Start by getting all your class notes in order. If you feel like you have missed some notes ask a class mate of you could borrow theirs or have a read through so that you can remake a new note for yourself. Getting those in order will keep you from stressing out about not being prepared for certain topics come final week. Get all your text books ready and have plenty of pens, paper and high-liters on hand.

Identifying key areas

One of the most important things about exam prep is identifying what you need to study. Ideally we would say that you need to know everything and have learned your notes from cover to cover but, if you are running out of time make sure that at the very least you cover all the key areas. Start by looking at the main chapters in each subject. Starting this process earlier will help you identify areas in which you are weak and may need some additional help. For instance, if family law has you stumped you may be able to speak to your family lawyer to help gain some clarity of thought

Your family lawyer will be able to give you an understanding of the subject matter and their insights could give you some extra information that could help to boost your grades at an exam. You should also look through past papers and identify repeat questions and areas that come up often – while this may not be accurate it will give you an idea of what to expect at the exam.

Look after yourself

During exams, your entire focus is likely to be on studying and preparing for your finals. However, you need to look after yourself. If you are over tired or fall sick then you will not be able to study properly or perform well at the paper. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, eat three meals a day and take your vitamins!

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