Know What Is Going On In Your Relationships!

Our relationship was more than 20 years. We were so in love with each other. We loved each other for nearly 10 years starting from the high school and then finally we decided to marry and stay the rest of the life together as best friends and partners.

I was so busy with my office life so does he. Every morning we drive to work with our own cars, we hardly found time to talk and dine together. I am a surgeon from profession and he is an engineer. Our lives went well and finally we were lucky enough to have two cute little kids for our family to make it a happy and complete one.

When the time goes on, one day I noticed that he was talking to somebody on the phone in the wash room and the smile on his face recalled me the earliest days of our relationship. But I did not consider this first. Time went on, whenever we get free time, he started to forget to have family dinners and got late to come home too. Actually he could not come to see the concert of the kids too.

I loved him to the greatest extent in my life and trusted him so much but I started to realize that I am not in a position to handle this anymore and things are becoming out of control. For my kids, they need a family and they cannot suffer for our mistakes?

I met a good detective services in Brisbane one day explaining upon the advice got from one of my friends. I explained him what I really need to check and the details I want.

After couple of weeks this private investigation providing all the details and pictures that I was looking for. He is having another relationship. First, I was shocked like nothing and then I started to realize the mistake was from my end.

Lack of time to check on us, to talk between us, share our things made it worse. I was his best friend long time back. But with my work, I forgot that I have a family, loving husband and two adorable kids, a happy family.

I wanted to give him another chance and correct our mistakes on behalf of our kids. They deserve our love and unity. I spoke to him one day and explained him. I was so mindful not to freak him out and to communicate it more calmly and patiently.

Luckily we both were able to understand each other more mutually. Now we are way ahead, with a better foundation for our lives.

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